Customize date formats on the forums?

Can I specify alternative date formats on the forums? I looked through the settings (on mobile) but didn't find anything under "interface".

The problem I experience is that short dates like "Nov 21" are a bit ambiguous and easily confused with "November 2021" — where I live the day is always in front of the month and would probably be written "21 Nov", and the year always after.

Only when I see a shortened month name that differs from that of my locale — e.g. Oct 22 vs. Okt 22 — can I with some effort realize which locale the dates are in and conclude that the year would've been written '22 in English and not 22.


Even without the locale difference, I find it far too easy to confuse "Nov 21" (November 21st of the current year) and "Nov '21" (some day in November 2021). I'm pretty sure I saw a comment in another thread about this, something to the effect of "why are all the posts on the 21st of a month?"

I posted on this a while back:

Unfortunately it seems the answer is no

My vote would be to show year in YYYY format: it is less confusing and discourse software allows it.

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It seems that Discourse now has an option to localise the interface. Logging on to it now has an option under Preferences -> Interface of "Interface Language" which when set to "English (UK)" puts recent dates in dd mmm format. It includes a few dozen languages including German.


Thanks for shown interest!


@JohnBlackburne when I follow your link the dates are formatted exactly like I'd prefer it to, and the interface is properly localized as a bonus. Maybe just an update of the forum is needed then?

Yes, seems the latest version of the software supports localised UI, including dates. Seems to automatically pick up your locale too – it set it to English (UK) for me as I signed in using Github. It's exposed as a preference though in case you want to change it.

I had a look through the release notes and could not spot when it was added, but updating to the current version should probably do it.