Custom Tabbar component issues

I am trying to build some custom tab bar component (such as the one in the picture below) using SwiftUI.

I am trying to achieve a syntax close to SwiftUI's standard TabView component:
`struct ContentView: View {

var body: some View {
    CustomTabbedBar {

Here's my implementation of the CustomTabbedBar:
`struct CustomTabbedBar: View where Content: View {

@State var selectedIndex: Int = 0
private let content: () -> Content
private let options: [String] = ["Colors", "Scenes"]
private var pages: TupleView<(AnyView, AnyView)>

init(@ViewBuilder content: @escaping () -> Content) {
    self.content = content
    self.pages = content() as! TupleView<(AnyView, AnyView)>

var body: some View {
    VStack {
        TabbedBarHeader(options: options, selectedIdx: $selectedIndex)
        if selectedIndex == 0 {
        } else if selectedIndex == 1 {

Now, the problem is that when I toggle selectedIndex to change pages, I get === AttributeGraph: cycle detected through attribute 38 ===

The strange fact is that when using Text instead of FirstPage or SecondPage inside the CustomTabbedBar closure, everything works.

Do you have any idea on why this happens and/or how to solve this?


Update - It seems like this problem only occurs in Playground. After I imported the same implementation in an Xcode project everything worked fine as expected.

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