Custom build configuration names

Can we somehow compile a project that has custom configuration names that are different than Debug/Release? Currently, we get module not found error if let's say we want to build a project with build configuration named Alpha etc.


Unfortunately, no. This is currently a know issue in Xcode. We're tracking this internally.

This is a huge issue for us as well. We can't use SPM in Xcode until this is working.


We are using custom multiple configs in our project and really need SPM to support it.

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Seems like there is a workaround until it will be fixed:

However, that particular workaround doesn't seem to work for archives with non supported configuration names. Which for me is a problem since my daily test(er) builds rely on this.

It seems that it works when you put the script in Build phases before Compile sources.
Take a look at my answer

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Thanks @nonameplum! This seems to work for me indeed.

You can find a fix here for this issue

Any updates on this issue?

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