Current state of the Swift (Xcode) build job

Hello everyone!

Has anyone had a successful Xcode build recently? After 2 sequential failures I took a glance at the job on and it appears to have been failing for an indefinite amount of time. My arguments are utils/build-script --release-debuginfo --debug-swift --xcode

I was foolish enough not to copy the error before quitting the terminal, but I do remember it was pointing at something named SwiftNativeNSXXXBase. A repeated incremental build somehow skipped that and failed closer to the end with

The following build commands failed:
    Ld /Volumes/Elements/swift-source/build/Xcode-RelWithDebInfoAssert+swift-DebugAssert/
    swift-macosx-x86_64/Debug/lib/swift/macosx/x86_64/libswiftCore.dylib normal x86_64

This probably doesn't help at all, so merely FYI. Please let me know if the team is aware of the build failing.

If it's anything like this: Master build fails macOS due to error: Build input file cannot be found:, does utils/build-script --Xcode --debug --reconfigure do anything for you?

Might not also hurt to do a clean build.

Hi Erik,

It actually was a clean build, and I currently have only one version of Xcode (the required one, of course), so I doubt --reconfigure will make any difference. I don't think it affects clean builds anyways, but I'll give it a go tonight, who knows.

Ah. I'm not sure then. I was able to do a clean Xcode build locally with no issues.

How long ago? Can you share your Xcode version and build configuration?

I just did an update-checkout this morning (about 2 hours ago), so it should have built with all the latest changes. I'm using the latest Xcode from the Appstore. The actual build was done with utils/build-script --release-debuginfo --debug-swift --skip-build-benchmarks --skip-test-benchmarks --skip-ios --skip-tvos --xcode -c

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I see. Thanks for the information, I'm going to try once more before repeating update-checkout.

I've had problems with the Xcode build that are solved by manually deleting the generated files from .gyb sources. This is obviously not an acceptable state of affairs, but no one's really looked into it.

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This time deleting the generated files from .gyb (deleting all .swift files from the build directory) didn't work, but I will consider this possibility for the future, thank you. I tried repeating update-checkout and starting a clean build again, but it continues to fail with Build input file cannot be found: right after finishing with llvm. From there an incremental build simply fails later on with the error in my OP. I am on macOS 10.14.1. The Xcode version is Xcode 10.1 (10B61) – the same one used by the ci bots. Couldn't the issue be related to the still failing build on ci? Is there any way to check out the console log? I wonder how Erik got a successful build though.

Were you able to figure this out? I'm still able to somehow build... but it does look like the bots are struggling

Nope, I'm currently working with a half-built Xcode project. Not too bad for editing :)

Are you sure we have the same Xcode version? The console log on ci shows the exact same issue:

21:49:30 error: Build input file cannot be found: '/Users/buildnode/jenkins/workspace/oss-swift-incremental-RA-macOS-xcode/buildbot_incremental_xcode/swift-macosx-x86_64/stdlib/public/stubs/8/'
21:49:30 ** BUILD FAILED **
21:49:30 The following build commands failed:
21:49:30 	CompileC /Users/buildnode/jenkins/workspace/oss-swift-incremental-RA-macOS-xcode/buildbot_incremental_xcode/swift-macosx-x86_64/stdlib/public/stubs/ 

@nuclearace, could you verify we have the same Xcode version - 10.1 (10B61)?

I don't think I have anything special going on with my setup, but let me try another clean install with just default arguments

Hm... Could it somehow be the OS? But that's unlikely since the bot is running on an older version that mine 10.14.1 (18B75).

I appreciate the involvement, but I hope this isn't backing you up (slowing you down).

No worries, I'm not actively working on something right now. Are there any other environment things it could be? I'm not totally aware of all the weird settings/envs that could come into play here.

Has anyone had any issues with build-script --xcode recently? This is the error:

ld: file not found: -filelist
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I am not outdated – the last update-checkout was around a week ago. Whatever's wrong, it is not xcode-select either.

Xcode 11.3 GM (11C29), OS 10.15.2.

UPD: worked without --debug-swift :man_shrugging:t3:

Yeah, I think this has been broken for a few days, I meant to file a bug but forgot and haven’t had tine to debug it myself, not sure if it’s a clang or cmake issue. In case you’re not aware, you can also use the -skip-build build script flag to generate an Xcode project for editing, jump to definition, etc. without actually building

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Thanks, I will give it a go next time!