CRUD Operation ISSUE in fluent

Issue: Not able to retrieve first acronym as response.

I have created a get request in the code for accessing all the acronyms from the db and then I have created a get request for accessing a single acronymID.

I am aware that I have created a get request in the code but I am doing a post request in the postman. I tried creating a get req in postman for accessing all acronyms but it didn't worked. When I tried creating a post req for the same, I was able to generate id from it.:slightly_smiling_face: Still I don't know the reason why post req worked here.

Here, I am trying to create a post req for accessing first acronym as response but I didn't received a response.

I'm not sure I understand the question. You're sending a POST request to /api/acronyms/<ID> but don't have a route for that, only for the GET request, so you're getting a 404. What's the issue you're stuck on?

the issue is I am not able to generate a id when I use a GET method for retrieving all acronyms.
In the case of all acronym, I tried creating a post method (guess working) and I got an id which I copied and used for retrieving single acronym but it gave me error there.

There is no corresponding route for this. body does not affect routing.

Thank you for sharing the repository!
Yeah I realised what I was doing wrong.
Thanks for your concern.:slightly_smiling_face:

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