Cross compiling Swift for 32 bit Linux from 64 bit Ubuntu

(vivek pandya) #1

Hello Swift Community,

I am trying to cross compile Swift for 32 bit Linux from 64 bit Ubuntu. For
this purpose I have one question regarding build-script-impl .
I am passing 'linux-i386' for option --
cross-compile-tools-deployment-targets but why linux-x86_64 appears in
cross-tool-deployment-target and function
is_cross_tools_deployment_target() returns 1 for it ?
config.guess returns linux-x86_64 for my host architecture but for cross
compile target ( i.e linux-i386) I am using llvm_host_triple option
'i386-unknown-linux-gnu' and llvm_target_arch = 'X86' but Cmake ignores
this options ?
Please provide some suggestion to complete this task.

*Vivek Pandya*