Cross compiling for iphoneos (armv7)

I’m trying to cross-compile libsyntax (llvm, clang, swift) for iphoneos armv7 on my macos machine
Any help with the build-script parameters is welcome. My current setup is:

swift/utils/build-script -R -i --cross-compile-hosts iphoneos-armv7 --no-llvm-assertions --no-swift-assertions --no-swift-stdlib-assertions --extra-cmake-options="-DLLVM_ENABLE_BACKTRACES=Off“

It seems a good start in the right direction, but it seems to build far more than just the basic compiler and it also fails to build.

Is there anyone on the list that was able to cross compile the compiler (clang, llvm, swift) for iphoneos-armv7?