Creating MacOS OCR APP

Hi all,

I'am new to swift language and Xcode, I have looking for OCR app(in MacOS BigSur) which convert the png image file to searchable pdf for multi language image files(Chinese, Japan, Korean & Arabic).

I have checked the feasibility in applescript, I can't find any solution as well as in forums. Actually, the image files are highly secured content, so I won't preferred open source code i.e., python, node.js etc.,

In the meantime, I have found the vision framework using swift language in Xcode . I don't have much experience on that. I have referred the videos and blog mostly related to ios application.

But my requirement is for macos, the created app which convert the image to searchable pdf for multi-languages, and works in offline.

Could anyone please guide me how to create the text recognition app for macos using vision framework(swift language) in xcode or anyother way.

Your help is much appreciated.


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