Creating an object

The instructions say:
Create TTLock object, which must comply with the protocol

This is what I have done:
import TTLock

class ViewController: UIViewController, TTSDKDelegate {
var TTObject : TTLock!

override func viewDidLoad() {
TTObject.delegate = self as TTSDKDelegate

I wanted to know if it is correct.

In general your idea is correct, but there are a few possible bugs/pitfalls here

A few notes inline.
(you can use the preformatted block feature of the editor here to format code by the way)

class ViewController: UIViewController, TTSDKDelegate {
    // In Swift it is customary to start variable names with lower case letters.
    // Of course you are free to deviate from this convention and use your preferred style
    // You are never actually assigning an instance here. 
    // Is this intentional?
    var ttObject : TTLock!
    // If `ttObject` will be passed in from the outside you could just
    // make it a regular `Optional` (`TTLock?`) to be on the safe side.

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // If `ttObject` was never assigned an actual instance of type `TTLock`
        // this following line will try to set the `delegate` on something that is `nil` and crash.
        // Also, the compiler knows that `self` is a `TTSDKDelegate`, as you told it in your 
        // first line where you declare the ViewController. 
        // So you can remove the `as TTSDKDelegate` here.
        ttObject.delegate = self as TTSDKDelegate

How do you use the preformatted block format because some of us can't really use it

This seems to be a pretty good overview of the features


Thanks alot :clap::clap::raised_hands:

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