Create-swift-package: an interactive alternative to swift package init

create-swift-package is a utility which allows you to interactively create Swift packages on the command line, supporting multiple platforms, product types, Swift tools versions and mixed-languaged packages.


I was hoping this was done in Swift because there is a lack of interactive CLIs in Swift ^^ argument-parser is an amazing tool I wish we had an interactive variant.

In any case this looks pretty cool, I will give it a try next time I need to make a package :+1:

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@Alejandro_Martinez yeah, the npm ecosystem is definitely a lot more vibrant for something like this. replicating truths in the swift-package-manager codebase also isn't ideal but I think it's fine for now

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Shameless plug for Vapor's toolbox which provides an interactive CLI written in Swift. The inbuilt template is for Vapor obviously but you can provide it a template URL which, if set up correctly, can provide an interactive approach for generating any type of Swift package