Could Swift help me do this?

I have a totaly beginner kind of question. I would really appreciate some thoughts on this, though. Thanks!

Ok, so I would like to make an app that will let the user;

  • See a list of questions related to a certain work project
  • And for each question, be able to select among predefined answers (from a dropdown meny or something like that)
  • When all the questions are answered, the user clicks the "Calculate" button.

In the program I've assigned a different number value to each of the answer alternatives, so when the "Calculate" button is clicked it sums up all the numbers and gets a single number as a result. This number tells whether this project is a good ide or not. So for instance, if the number is below 5, the project is too risky and not a good idea to go ahead with. But if the number is above 5, then the project may be worth the time.

So im imagening it as a kind of project analyzer/calculator.

Could I use Swift to do this, or should I try anything else?

In short, yes, you can 100% do this in Swift. While some of the controls themselves may not be exactly as you envision it in the app (i.e. pickers are usually used in iOS design rather than dropdown menus), this is definitely feasible to make into an app.