CoreFoundation on Windows

It appears CoreFoundation is not available on Swift for Windows.

I am doing the following to recognise if a NSNumber was initialized with a boolean and these functions are only available in CoreFoundation.

CFGetTypeID(number) == CFBooleanGetTypeID()

Is there either another method to identify an NSNumber initialized with a boolean, or will CoreFoundation be available for Windows soon?

why do you need NSNumber instead of using swift native types if i may ask?

if you have it on windows you may try:
print(String(cString: number.objCType, encoding: .ascii)!)

but unfortunately this returns "c" for both Char and Boolean.

I'm parsing dictionaries returned by JSONSerialization.jsonObject. I would much prefer not to have to deal with NSNumber at all but JSONSerialization code returns booleans as a NSNumber

try this:

let dat = "{ \"some\" : true }".data(using: .utf8)!
let obj = try! JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: dat, options: []) as! [String: Any]
let some = obj["some"]!
let someType = type(of: some)
let boolType = type(of: NSNumber(value: true))
let intType = type(of: NSNumber(value: 1))
assert(someType == boolType)
assert(someType != intType)

if some is NSNumber {
    print("is NSNumber")
} else {
    print("is not NSNumber")
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See this post:

Thanks Mike,

That looks like it works

We use this in Alamofire, and it has been guarantee stable across platforms:

extension NSNumber {
    fileprivate var isBool: Bool {
        // Use Obj-C type encoding to check whether the underlying type is a `Bool`, as it's guaranteed as part of
        // swift-corelibs-foundation, per [this discussion on the Swift forums](
        String(cString: objCType) == "c"