Core Bluetooth

Hi folks! Im developing an App that must connect with a microcontroller bluetooth and send it commands to execute some actions.

I've been able to connect with it (red light shine static when its connected) but neither función didConnectPeripheral or didFailToConnectPeripheral executes after it. I know that it is connected for static light and the Device appears in iOS settings bluetooth menu.

Additionaly, I need get the CBCharacteristics for start to send data bu writeValue function, but I dont know how to make this.

Can you help me?

Many thanks in advance and regards!!

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Unfortunately you won't find much help on that topic here. These forums are for the development and use of the swift language. More general topics around the development of iOS, macOS, TVOS and watchOS apps should head over to stack overflow.

Good luck in finding help with your issue!

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Here are a few links and sample code for reference in getting started with Core Bluetooth: