Copy-and-pasting forum content into posts breaks “undo”


When writing a post here, certain actions break the behavior of “undo” in the text box. For example:

• Copying the title of a forum thread and pasting it into the body of a post. This pastes in a formatted link to the thread, which is fine, except “undo” ignores it. You can’t undo the pasting.

• Similarly, copying any formatted text from a forum post, including links and quote-boxes, into the body of a post cannot be undone.

• The same thing happens when clicking the “Quote” button while formatted text in another post is highlighted.

• The formatting buttons (bold, link, quote, etc.) at the top of the post editor also break “undo”.

I have not exhaustively investigated all circumstances where this happens, I just noticed it several times and finally got annoyed enough to post. Text-editing should respect “undo”, and it should be literally impossible for pasting anything to break it.

Please make it so that we can always “undo” the addition or modification of text when writing posts.

(Michel Fortin) #2

I noticed too mostly when pasting some code copied from an external app. Sometime the code is pasted with some Markdown markup intermixed and undo doesn't work. I have to manually erase the code, add a code block marker (```) and paste it again, and then everything is fine (and undo works).

For instance, if I copy this from Xcode:

var window: UIWindow?

It gets pasted as this:

**var** window: UIWindow?

The bold formatting in Xcode gets pasted as **. It seems like this transformation (in addition to being undesired) is breaking undo. If I paste text without formatting there is no issue.

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