Contributing to swift-community-hosted-continuous-integration for PPC64LE


Hi @mishal_shah ,

Currently I am working on building Apple Swift 5.1 toolchain on PowerPC64LE, and almost nearing completion, pending a couple of PRs/issues awaiting approvals and merge.

Towards this end, I wanted to add a job for Swift 5.1 below:-

The preset that gets invoked by build-toolchain is 'buildbot_linux' from 'build-presets.ini'.

However for PowerPC64LE, we need to have a few workarounds for some known issues, like having to export environment variables and copy a few libraries from a child directory to parent directory.

Do we have any way by which we can set the environment for the jobs, copy libraries, etc.
Please suggest how can we incorporate this for the new job.


PS:- I could not find another way to reach out to you, hence commenting here.

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