Contributing to server swift

can any one help me , how to start contributing to swift server i know swift programming
what is github link

This one: GitHub - vapor/vapor: 💧 A server-side Swift HTTP web framework.


It is great to hear when someone wants to contribute. We need more people like you.

Are you actively using server side swift libraries? If so then the libraries you are using are probably your starting off point for finding places to contribute. You will make better contribution to a library you know than one you just parachuted into. Check out the issue list for those libraries. Are there any issues tagged good first issue. Those are issues the maintainer believes are a good issue for a person new to the project to resolve. If you see another issue you believe you can resolve then talk to the maintainer about taking it on. Also if you think something is missing from a library that you believe you can implement that may be a starting point. Always talk to the maintainer though before doing any work to ensure you don't waste any of your time or the maintainer's.

If you aren't actively using any server side swift libraries I would suggest you start. You can't contribute if you don't have experience of what is already available.

I hope this helps


Vapor has a contributing guide that among other things explains how to do the GitHub dance for PRs and a list of issues that are good to start with