Compiler crashes when using protocols with associated type

(Vito Matarazzo) #1

Hello everyone,
I have a project in which I created several protocols that have an associatedType, implemented by some generic classes. In particular, there is a protocol with a method requirement and an associatedType, and this type conforms to another protocol that has another associatedType. When I try to build the project, the compiler crashes, giving a Segmentation fault error when trying to build the method I mentioned before but without explaining the reason.
Of course the code is much more complex than this, but I managed to reproduce the issue in a short playground:

protocol C {
  associatedtype Type1

protocol B {
  associatedtype Type2: C
  func register()

extension B {
  func register() {

class MyClass: C {
  typealias Type1 = Int

class MyGeneric<T>: B where T: C {
  typealias Type2 = T

let c = MyGeneric<MyClass>()


I don't know what should be the issue in this code, but at least I think the compiler should report it.

(Thomas Krajacic) #2

The compiler can't report it because it crashes. So you have uncovered a bug in the compiler. :tada:

In that case please always file a bug at
Especially since you have done a fantastic job of distilling the problem down! That'll help really a lot.

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(Vito Matarazzo) #3

Thanks, I'll report the bug.

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