Compiler crash when importing a C++ project - where to report?

When trying to include RmlUi directly as a C++ project (precompiled, installed system wide with a .pc), the compiler crashes (assertion failure) when trying to import Core.h. I think the issue comes from this file from my understanding of the error message.

I am using Swift version 5.9-dev (LLVM 8277d73ee656251, Swift 4de53fc2e7cee4d) on Ubuntu WSL2 (22-ish).

Since CXX interop is an experimental Swift feature and probably unsupported yet, I was wondering if I should and where to report it? Should I add the error message here or file a bug on GitHub instead?

Sorry for such a slow reply! Github would be the right place to send bugs.. but you can post it here too if that's easier (and I will create a Github issue).

Thanks in advance for the bug report!

Thanks for your reply! I made the issue here: Assertion `member->getDeclContext() == nominal && "Added member to the wrong context"' failed when using CXX interop · Issue #65646 · apple/swift · GitHub

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