Community-contributed blog posts

The Swift Website Workgroup has recently made some changes to the website governance section of the website to encourage community-contributed blog posts on the official blog.

Are you doing something exciting with Swift that might make a good post on the blog? If so, we have a fresh new process for submitting ideas/posts for consideration, and we’d love to hear from you. You can get started here.

Even if there’s nothing you think would fit well on the blog right now, please bear this in mind for the future, too.


Great, @andyliu, I'd love to see you post about your embedded work: you could probably simply shrink down and update one of your gigantic forum posts. :smile:

@compnerd, @stevapple, and @grynspan, it's been two years since the post introducing the Windows port, would be nice to read an update.

I'll submit an outline for an Android post soon to the SWWG.

Most outsiders to Swift simply assume it is only for Apple platforms, so we should publicize these alternative platforms more. Based on the big response Saleem's last post about Windows got, I think they want to hear more.


I don't think it would be quite fair to characterize a blog post written by me as "community-contributed." :upside_down_face: And my Windows-oriented contributions to Swift have been minor, so I don't know that I'd be in a position to write anything authoritative anyway!

I am using Swift on Windows with great success, but without async/await (or at least “very cautiously”) because async/await still waits for the according optimization in LLVM for Windows on x86_64. I think this issue should be fixed before advertising the Windows port. (@Douglas_Gregor recently mentioned that this should be fixed.) So yes, some advertising for the otherwise great Windows port would be nice, but first the whole (!) Swift language should be usable on Windows.

Got some good news for you, just stumbled on this video by a startup building a new Chromium-based browser in Swift that says they plan to contribute to the Windows port, including bringing Saleem on this week.

Congrats to Saleem and that startup, looking forward to what they come up with. I hope they open source early and often, so that the community can test and contribute.


Hey, are blog posts or a blog series around Swift and Kubernetes a good fit? It would be mainly focused on consuming Kubernetes API from Swift applications. Examples for this would a Kubernetes operator written in Swift with its own CRDs , or a Vapor app that uses Kubernetes ConfigMaps for its configuration, or maybe Service Discovery between Swift services deployed on Kubernetes via the Kubernetes API, or injecting/reading cert-manager certificates into the deployment at runtime and so on.

I am maintaining a Swift client for Kubernetes and I could write several blog posts about this. I don't intend to promote the project but rather showcase the possibilities when integrating Kubernetes into the mix.

Let me know if that is something the community would be interested in.


I think a post on Kubernetes and Swift sounds like a great fit in principle. We'd need to discuss it with the workgroup, but I'd say that if you'd be interested in writing a post, you should certainly submit it to the group.

Do you want to drop the workgroup a message by DMing @swift-website-workgroup with a rough breakdown of a single post for the blog? There's more information on what to include in that DM here: - Blog Post Contributions

Thanks Iskandar!

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I was thinking more about a series of posts, starting with the Kubernetes API in general, deployments to Kubernetes and then different use-cases about integrating the Kubernetes API, all with concrete examples written in Swift.

I'll definitely contact the working group when I have something to show / present. Currently I just have some rough ideas, that require lots of polishing. I don't have an ETA, but I'll try to give this more focus now, knowing that it is something of interest to the community.


Feel free to ping the @server-workgroup if you'd like a review or early feedback on those k8s guides :+1:
In general deployment information could also make its way into the guides part of the server section on if you're interested in that!