Community Announcements Subforum

It would be great to have a sub-forum where users can announce new Swift related projects. Examples could be podcasts, books, and open source projects seeking additional volunteers.


+20 to this.

As long as it's kept civilized, why not?

I'd also love to see a subforum for sharing your own Swift-related articles. It would quickly become a mess if we merge everything though. We could structure it like this:

β”œβ”€ Software Projects
β”œβ”€ Articles
β”œβ”€ Books
└─ Podcasts
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My apologies for the delayed response, as I spent some time thinking about this before replying.

For the present moment I feel it is important to keep the forums focused on supporting Swift open source β€” and keep that focus. I’d would be supportive of creating subforums where new open source projects could be announced, but nothing beyond that. The policy could evolve over time, but as a first step I’d like to keep the focus exclusively on open source projects.