Combine flatMap can result in values after failure - bug?

Hi, I'm seeming some odd behaviour with failure handling and the flatMap operator. It seems that if a Publisher inside a flatMap fails, this doesn't result in downstream publishers entering a failed state where no more values are propagated. Instead, the downstream publishers will propagate the failure and then continue to propagate values as well.

Here's a quick example:

import Combine

enum IntError: Error {
    case badInt

let subject = PassthroughSubject<Int, IntError>()

    .flatMap { x -> AnyPublisher<Int, IntError> in
        if x == 2 {
            return Publishers.Fail(error: IntError.badInt).eraseToAnyPublisher()
        } else {
            return Just(x).setFailureType(to: IntError.self).eraseToAnyPublisher()
    .map { $0 * 2 }
        receiveCompletion: { completion in
            switch completion {
            case .failure:
            case .finished:
        receiveValue: { value in
            print("Value: \(value)")


This results in:

Value: 2
Value: 6

Coming from the Rx and ReactiveSwift world, this seems like a bug. The failure should cause the flatMap to enter a failed state. Or at the very least cause the downstream map to enter a failed state. Does Combine deliberately behave differently, as if the downstreams are created anew when a flatMap creates a new Publisher, or is this a bug?

That definitely seems like a bug, can you please file a feedback on that?

Thanks for the reply Phillippe. I've filed a feedback, it's FB7039925.

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