Colour Description Error

Hey all,

Just a small one regarding the colour explanation of a diagram and the colours present within the diagram located within the section Advanced Operators > Shifting Behavior for Unsigned Integers.

The text reads:

Blue numbers are shifted, gray numbers are discarded, and orange zeros are inserted

However, I believe based on the colours of the diagram below, it should read:

Green numbers are shifted, gray numbers are discarded, and pink zeros are inserted

The diagram being:


P.S. From what I have read, I presume the documentation isn't open-source so couldn't correct this myself.

Thanks for pointing this out! This looks like an oversight from when the book's artwork was redrawn, to all follow the same style.

TSPL recently became an open source project. Here's the PR with the fix:


Awesome, I thought as much. Thank you for also pointing out the repository, I was looking in the wrong place.