Color Assets Missing

I am doing the tutorial on this page:

I got to:

Step 5

Add cases for each color listed in the Themes folder in the asset catalog.

In the Navigator on the left I have in the "Scrumdinger" folder an "Assets" folder. Is this the asset catalog that instruction referred to? Under this folder there are the files "AccentColor", and "Appicon". There is not a "Themes" file folder there. In none of those two files that are there is there a list of colors. What am I missing? Where is this color list supposed to be?

Did you start with the starting project (which you can download by clicking "Project files" on the webpage) or did you create a new project?

This is what the asset catalog of the starting project looks like to me:

It was not started by downloading a starter project. I simply created a new project. The "Themes" asset shown in your screenshot is missing in my project. I believe this is why background colors do not show for me in Step 7 of this tutorial:

What is the procedure for getting this missing Themes asset into my project?

The starter project for a tutorial can be downloaded by clicking "Project files". Once you've downloaded it, you can do the tutorial with the starter project or you can copy its assets into your own project.