Code blocks in emails are unreadable

Code blocks in mailing-list emails have suddenly become unreadable (a few days ago):

[Screenshot from Apple Mail]

Did something change that caused this to happen?


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Also seen this and filed a bug report for the since these emails still render fine on other email clients.

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They were OK in Apple Mail until yesterday. Here's a screenshot from 23rd March:

I'm seeing this too, including the fact that older emails work fine, newer emails don't. Was Discourse updated earlier this week?

Looks like I was wrong, also started seeing this in other email clients now.

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Are there any admins who can fix or report this?

It's making it hard to follow the mailing lists.

cc @Nicole_Jacque

Any other admins? The mailing lists are really hard to follow right now!


Apologies for the delay, I'm investigating.... I also have a ticket open with Discourse as I suspect this came from an update to the site -- we have not changed any configuration in that timeframe.


Any news on this issue?

Discourse thinks they have fixed the issue, please let me know if you are still seeing it...


Yes! Code blocks in emails are finally readable again!

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