"code" blob

Hi, Im very new to programming, but I'm trying to make an app in Swift.
I wonder what I should write in the blob called "code". I understand that it is the code, but what code exactly? I am trying to make a "searchbar", and I have implemented "searchbar" function/module. But the code? :/

I think you should start with the basics before trying to create an app if you don't know programming. It's hard to expect that members of this forums will write your code for you.

First, read through the The Swift Programming Language book to understand the basic concepts of the Swift language. Then read about programming for iOS. After that you should get a decent understanding of the basics and everything will be more clear.

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The only problem is that the tutorial is written in Swift 3 and not updated and the Syntax has changed a bit.

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If you are totally new to programming I definitely recommend using Swift Playgrounds on iPad to learn the basics.