Clients for other editors/IDEs

First of all, thank you for releasing sourcekit-lsp. I've been playing with it and works well!

I have a question. I've already created an Emacs extension to communicate with the server. Do you want people to contribute editor integrations to the main repository or you prefer to keep them in their own package managers/repositories, external to the project? I ask because I see that the Visual Studio Code extension is part of the repository.

If not, I think that at least a link with documentation would be good, specially for people that approach the project for the first time. I can contribute that documentation once I publish my package on MELPA (



Glad to hear it :smiling_face:

Good question. I think it probably scales better to have these out-of-tree. The VSCode one is a bit special since we've been using it as our reference editor.

This would be great! When you're ready, send us a PR.

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