"class" and "final class" between swift 4.2 and swift 5 (performance)

Hello, its me with puffin bench again :upside_down_face:
Sorry, my english is very bad...

Please tell me why this code(without "final class") executing with so big difference like 4 vs 25 seconds between versions 4.2 and 5 ?

I saw article about Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch

But 4 vs 25 seconds on different versions ... looks like performance regression




I've moved this to the compiler development section, since this is unrelated to server stuff. But I would say that if you're getting vastly different compile times results, you should file a bug on bugs.swift.org. If you can reference your implementation that causes the issue, or make a sample project that reproduces it, that'd be extremely helpful.

Those are run times, not build times.

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Oh oops. Regardless though, I think the compiler category is the appropriate one for this, and filing a bug report still stands.

Although, one thing that it could be is the change in exclusivity checking between 4 and 5. I haven't dug into his code, but iirc, having final can aid in eliding some of the more conservative checking.

When the class isn't final, the property access to arr has to be dynamically dispatched and treated like a potentially-computed property, in case a subclass overrides it. In -O -wmo builds, though, we ought to notice later that there are no subclasses of the class in the program and inline the access. It's possible that that isn't happening for some reason, or that if so, the exclusive access marker calls are not optimized after the inlining happens. @Andrew_Trick, do you know if this is a known issue?


I did some brief testing and turning off exclusivity checking didn’t help anything.

Thanks. The other major change in Swift 5 that comes to my mind is the switch to the coroutine model for the property ABI; maybe there's a limitation in the devirtualizer and/or inliner's handling of the coroutine here.


Should I make this issue on the bugs.swift.org or wait yet ?

It's usually always a good idea to file a bug report. You (or someone else) can always close it if it turns out to not be an issue.


CC @Erik_Eckstein

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ok, I will to try do it now

I don't see the bug yet so I'll just comment here:

In the non-final code, SILGen uses a generalized accessor to modify the array:

  %148 = class_method %0 : $TestGlobalArr, #TestGlobalArr.arr!modify.1 : (TestGlobalArr) -> () -> (), $@yield_once @convention(method) (@guaranteed TestGlobalArr) -> @yields @inout Array<Int> // user: %149
  (%149, %150) = begin_apply %148(%0) : $@yield_once @convention(method) (@guaranteed TestGlobalArr) -> @yields @inout Array<Int> // users: %152, %156
  // function_ref Array.subscript.modify
  %151 = function_ref @$sSayxSiciM : $@yield_once @convention(method) <τ_0_0> (Int, @inout Array<τ_0_0>) -> @yields @inout τ_0_0 // user: %152
  (%152, %153) = begin_apply %151<Int>(%143, %149) : $@yield_once @convention(method) <τ_0_0> (Int, @inout Array<τ_0_0>) -> @yields @inout τ_0_0 // users: %154, %155
  store %146 to %152 : $*Int                      // id: %154
  end_apply %153                                  // id: %155
  end_apply %150                                  // id: %156

When that generalized accessor is inlined, we end up with an extra retain_value:

bb8:                                              // Preds: bb7
  %48 = load %21 : $*Int                          // user: %54
  %49 = ref_element_addr %0 : $TestGlobalArr, #TestGlobalArr.arr // user: %50
  %50 = load %49 : $*Array<Int>                   // users: %54, %58, %51
  retain_value %50 : $Array<Int>                  // id: %51

That retain_value prevents the COWArray pass from hoisting the array's
uniqueness check. That's expensive and also probably blocks any other
downstream loop optimizations.

It seems there are multiple points at which the optimizations fall
apart, but I think the starting point should be

  1. Why does SILGen require the generalized accessor in WMO mode.

  2. Why does using the generalized accessor (TestGlobalArr.arr!modify) cause an extra retain.


I've created an issue at https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-10137

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