CI outage for SDK and source updates, and branching for Preview 4

(Nicole Jacque) #1

Hello All-

Tomorrow we will be temporarily bringing down the CI, starting around 10 AM, California time, in order to upgrade to the latest beta of Xcode 8 and the associated SDKs. We will also be landing some source changes on both master and the swift-3.0-preview-3-branch. These changes include updates required for the SDK update for Swift 3, as well as reverting some changes from the swift-3.0-preview-3-branch that were backed out in the process of converging and qualifying the preview branch. (Those changes will remain on master, and will be rolled into the swift-3.0-preview-4-branch when it is cut.) We expect the upgrade process to take several hours. We’ll send out a message when the upgrade is complete.

At this time, we will also be cutting a swift-3.0-preview-4-branch.

As a reminder, once the upgrade is complete, if you are doing development on a Mac, the minimum required Xcode to build Swift from source will be the latest Xcode 8 beta. The latest Xcode 8 beta can be downloaded at: