CI not testing Foundation overlay?

The Foundation overlay is a bit of a conundrum to work with at present:

The Xcode project cannot be compiled, at least if one adheres to the instructions, because it requires the use of the default toolchain (due to SR-12177) but also cannot be compiled with the default toolchain, since String.swift uses the @_spi feature to call String(_cocoaString:) and compiling with the default toolchain does not expose the required API.

At the same time, swift-ci doesn't seem to be running the Foundation overlay tests when testing PRs in swift-corelibs-foundation on the macOS platform. I noted this when a bug correctly caused the Linux tests to fail, but the macOS test was green despite the same issue being present in both the overlay and swift-corelibs-foundation. Digging through the log, I could see no evidence of any Foundation tests being run on macOS.

How are other folks testing the overlay, and am I incorrect that swift-ci doesn't seem to be actually doing any testing of Foundation on macOS despite initial appearances?

cc @mishal_shah

I thought the overlays were removed in apple/swift#37823, and became closed-source only?

The Foundation overlay is now in the swift-corelibs-foundation repo.

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