Can't trigger action from UIButton click on custom XIB

I am building a quote app using TGLParallaxCarousel library in my project. I try to custom the CustomView of TGLParallaxCarouselItem by adding two UIButtons (favButton and shareButton) on it.


I am able to change the UIButton looks based on its state--whether the current quote is faved or not, by doing this (in CustomView.swift):

convenience init(frame: CGRect, number: Int) {
   self.init(frame: frame)
   currentQuote = quoteData[number]
   favButton.tag = number
   currentQuote.faved == true ? favButton.setImage(#imageLiteral(resourceName: "fav-on"), for: .normal) : favButton.setImage(#imageLiteral(resourceName: "fav-off"), for: .normal)    

However I need to be able to turn the fav on and off by clicking the favButton. I tried to connect the favButton directly as an IBAction to the XIB file, but it's not working. I still can't access the favButton touchUpInside state.

I've tried addTarget on favButton. It's not working. My tap is detected as tap on CustomView rather than specifically on favButton.

Here's the detectTap function that fired when I tap anywhere on the CustomView (including on the favButton). This function is within the TGLParallaxCarousel.swift:

func detectTap(_ recognizer:UITapGestureRecognizer) {
    let targetPoint: CGPoint = recognizer.location(in: recognizer.view)
    currentTargetLayer = mainView.layer.hitTest(targetPoint)!

    guard let targetItem = findItemOnScreen() else { return }

    let firstItemOffset = (items.first?.xDisp ?? 0) - targetItem.xDisp
    let tappedIndex = -Int(round(firstItemOffset / xDisplacement))
    self.delegate?.carouselView(self, didSelectItemAtIndex: tappedIndex)

    if targetItem.xDisp == 0 {
        self.delegate?.carouselView(self, didSelectItemAtIndex: tappedIndex)
    else {
        selectedIndex = tappedIndex

Please help, what should I do?

Hello @afinarv, welcome to the Swift Forums! Unfortunately, your question isn't a great fit for these forums, since they focus on the Swift language itself rather than topics such as UIKit or iOS development. You might have better luck getting responses to your question on StackOverflow or Apple's Developer Forums.