Can't initialize RedrawingLitProgressAnimation

Hello folks.

I've been trying to use the utilities from SPMUtility module on Swift Package Manager, however I have been unable to initialize certain classes. The RedrawingLitProgressAnimation(terminal: TerminalController, header: String) is one of them. I can see this class definition and it does have an init with 2 parameters, however, Xcode returns this message to me, when I try to initialize a constant with this class:

'RedrawingLitProgressAnimation' initializer is inaccessible due to 'internal' protection level

Why? How do I use this class from this utility? Is there a documentation for these classes?

Thank you!

I don’t think you’re meant to use it, hence why the initializer is internal

So, there isn't any documentation to explain it, correct? That's one of the possible ProgressBars in the SPMUtility.

I'm guessing that you're supposed to use one of:

because those classes are tested in ProgressAnimationTests.swift

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You probably also want to start depending on these utility classes from the swift-tools-support-core repository, rather than the SPM repo. @Aciid pushed a 0.0.1 tag yesterday that you can use in your package manifest.

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Thanks for all the info! I will refrain from using those until we have some documentation for these classes.