Cannot using SPM module with some custom configuration not Debug/Release on Xcode 11

I create Sandbox configuration(duplicated from Debug) and add SPM module(SnapKit, etc...) to Xcode project. But, couldn't import SnapKit to project. Finally, I found location of build results of SnapKit is in Build/~/Debug, and project is in Build/~/Sandbox directory.
How can I fix SPM module build location to Sandbox?

One solution I found, even if it's a bit hacky, is to edit Build Locations (in the Project's Build settings) to have all derived configurations build to the same location (eg: have both Debug and Sandbox in your case build to Build/~/Debug). This worked just fine in my case, as the code itself was the same (only the xcconfig was different in order to have separate environment variables)

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that is the answer i finding. The point was to match the build location. thanks.

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