Cannot sign-in on mobile device


(Adrian Zubarev) #1

I re-installed my iPhone (6 Plus) recently and now I can no longer sign-in to the forums on it, because the Sign-in with GitHub button is invisible. It does not work in the Discourse app, nor in Safari, not even if you switch to the desktop version on the web-page.

cc @Nicole_Jacque

(Kiel Gillard) #2

Is it because you’re in airplane mode?

(Adrian Zubarev) #3

This is unrelated, just did it for the screenshot to hide the carrier. It can be in airplane mode with wifi on, with the same result. (The phone is running iOS 12 if that's somehow related?!)

(Adrian Zubarev) #4

@forum_admins how fast can we resolve this issue? It's a little frustrating and prevents me from being able to read threads on the go.


I think you might have a content blocker or similar enabled. The “with GitHub” button appears for me in the blank right hand side of your image (or above the standard username and password section in non-desktop mode).

(Adrian Zubarev) #6

Hmm, indeed. Had no idea that it was the content blocker. I added to the whitelist and the button is back :slight_smile: Thank you for the hint, I would never have noticed myself.