Cannot read forum threads on iPhone


For the last few days (since the recent forum update) I cannot read threads here on my iPhone. I can load in Safari, and I can see the list of threads in each subforum. But when I tap to open a thread, it does not show any of the posts. Here are some screenshots:

Previously, I was able to browse the forum on my iPhone with no problems. But now the posts don’t show up.

For reference, I am using an iPhone XS running iOS 12.1.4

(Nicole Jacque) #2

I just checked on an iPhone running 12.1.4, and it works ok for me.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I'll check with the Discourse folks too.


It seems this only happens when opening a thread in a new tab

(Ben Cohen) #4

I don't suppose you have an ad-blocker or similar that you could try turning off to see if it's the cause?


In Settings→Safari I have “Block Pop-ups”, “Block All Cookies”, and “Ask Websites Not to Track Me” selected.

Turning off “Block All Cookies” appears to work.

However, I would prefer not to turn off that setting. And as mentioned above, the site used to work fine until a few days ago with it on.