Cannot insert using insert at index, kindly guide


I was trying to use the insert method to insert a character at a particular location in string , but cannot seem to do so , below is my code , where am I wrong kindly guide

var greeting = "Guten Tang!"

let index = greeting.index(greeting.startIndex, offsetBy: 2)

greeting.insert("a", at: greeting[index])

Amit Shrivastava

Make sure you read error messages and think about what they might mean. Sometimes Swift's error messages can be pretty bad (especially if your code involves a lot of closures or functions with multiple overloads), but in this case they're definitely useful:

error: repl.swift:5:34: error: cannot convert value of type 'Character' to expected argument type 'String.Index'
greeting.insert("a", at: greeting[index])

Here, the compiler is saying that it's trying to take a value of type Character, and use it in a place that expects a String.Index. The fancy ~~~ thingy is pointing at greeting[index] indicating that this is the position the compiler thinks the error occurred. This makes sense, since greeting[index] is indeed a Character (specifically the character "t"). According to the compiler, the function we're calling wanted a String.Index rather than a Character. Can you think of a value you've calculated that has the type String.Index?


Oh thanks I got it now , I need to use

greeting.insert("a", at: index)

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