Cannot build swift-distributed-actors: type 'Task<Success, any Error>' has no member 'select'

i cannot seem to compile swift-distributed-actors at 1.0.0-beta.3 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu:

/swift/swift-distributed-actors/Sources/DistributedActorsTestKit/Task+Testing.swift:33:23: error: type 'Task<Success, any Error>' has no member 'select'
        return await .select(valueTask, timeoutTask)

the beta is quite old (Oct 27, 2022!), but it is more recent still than the latest stable release, 0.7.1.

the main branch builds successfully, but that is not compatible with SwiftPM packages. should swift-distributed-actors get a new prerelease tag?

That’s a weird error but yes we can cut a new release, I’ve been working on unblocking it on swift 6.0 in any way right now so once it is I’ll tag a version.

Thanks for reporting