Can you recommend some open source programs?(ios,macos,swift)

I am new and trying to see how things can go together.

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What are you looking for? Examples of apps that are also open source to learn how they go together? There's a number of those examples out - not sure how easy they are to find on GitHub, but off the top of my head:

There's more out there - I'd recommend searching for iOS or macOS, and constraining the search to the Swift programming language (or Objective-C if that's what you're looking for), and you'll see a LOT of work happening out there. Some are just people learning, some are abandoned, but some are quite complex and deep, and probably more than you'd want if you're just trying to see how things can go together.


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Thank you! This exactly what i need at this moment. You're right that i just try to see how things can go together , i am new.