Can we create a custom framework using Swift package Manager?

Hi Everyone,
Can I create a custom framework using Swift Package Manager?, I don't want to share my code, I want create an SDK and share it for others to use?. Is it possible to create one? If so, can you please guild me through?


Do you want to make an Xcode Framework? If so, the package manager doesn't build frameworks like that directly. You will will want to use the command: swift package generate-xcodeproj and customize the generated YourProjectName.xcodeproj. You can also supply an xcconfig file that overrides settings for Xcode though I haven't used it and don't remember its name...

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You can specify that a product should be type: .dynamic. Then you will get a .dylib when you build it. swift build --show-bin-path --configuration release will tell you where to find the resulting library.

Thank you so much @Braden_Scothern and @SDGGiesbrecht, Let me explain what I want clearly, I have a static library which is .a file, built using cpp and I have one swift file and obj-c files, I want to wrap these files as a single framework file. I'm sharing the .framework file. but my client want to integrate this with SPM. How can I do it? I don't want to share my code. As am new to SPM, please explain in details.

Ah closed source, that isn’t possible at the moment with SwiftPM. You will need a xcode project and likely want to give them a xcframework.

I would use the generate-xcodeproj sub command. Then edit it to build as an xcframework. Check out this WWDC session to learn how to make a xcframework: Binary Frameworks in Swift - WWDC19 - Videos - Apple Developer

Thank you very much @Braden_Scothern.