Can macros be used to ease the declaration of generic function parameters?

The purpose of this post is to ask if a particular use case would be supported by any part of the constellation of macro features. I don’t have the bandwidth right now to seek out and finish absorbing all of the macro related documents and threads so as to answer my question for myself, so I’m hoping to get the answer more directly like this.

A while ago I posted A New Idea About Generics, and one of the more concrete advantages of what I was proposing was that angle bracket blindness would be cured.

Specifically, this is because I was proposing to allow declaring and using a generic parameter in the same spot in the syntax, like this:

func fetchResponse
    (for request: <Request: MyRequestProtocol>)
-> Request.Response

My question is, is there any way that the new macro features could be used to allow something with the same essence? (namely that named generic parameters can be introduced at the point of use in the signature?

I believe that nothing that I’ve read about so far would offer this capability, but I’m not fully caught up at all on macros in the couple months nor am I 100% sure that I correctly understand what I have read in the past.

I don't believe macros would allow for this.