Can I try to develop a good first issue (advice)?

Hi, I am a long time iOS Swift/ObjC developer and I have been looking to get involved contributing to this repo (I use it in a project currently) but looks like all the good-first-issue labelled issues have been taken.

I am open to your advice on how to improve my Swift skills to be able to contribute or review meaningfully. But I am keen to get involved if I can in the development of this package.

Are the starter issue labels updated on a regular basis (or is there a Jira board that I don’t know about?). Also, are there any new features or improvements I could try to take as a good first issue? I am trying to read the existing PRs and offer comments but most of the things go over my head. :joy: I would really appreciate some help or guidance in this area. Thanks in advance! :blush:

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