Calling Swift from C++ issue - Use of undeclared identifier

I experience an issue when building a Swift framework and generating the C++ header.
Following Swift code reduced to the simplest to reproduce.

import Foundation

public class MyObject {
    public init() { }

public class MyModule {
    public init() { }
    public func getArray() -> [MyObject] {
        let objects: [MyObject] = []
        return objects

The error "use of undeclared identifier 'MyObject' " occur in the generated header at the line
SWIFT_INLINE_THUNK swift::Array getArray()

header extract:

class SWIFT_SYMBOL("s:9SwiftSide8MyModuleC") MyModule : public swift::_impl::RefCountedClass {
  using RefCountedClass::RefCountedClass;
  using RefCountedClass::operator=;
  static SWIFT_INLINE_THUNK MyModule init() SWIFT_SYMBOL("s:9SwiftSide8MyModuleCACycfc");
  SWIFT_INLINE_THUNK swift::Array<MyObject> getArray()   SWIFT_SYMBOL("s:9SwiftSide8MyModuleC8getArraySayAA0C6ObjectCGyF");
  SWIFT_INLINE_THUNK MyModule(void * _Nonnull ptr) noexcept : RefCountedClass(ptr) {}
  friend class _impl::_impl_MyModule;
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wc++17-extensions"
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wreserved-identifier"
  typedef char $s9SwiftSide8MyModuleCD;
  static inline constexpr $s9SwiftSide8MyModuleCD __swift_mangled_name = 0;
#pragma clang diagnostic pop
#pragma clang diagnostic pop

Note the that if MyObject is a struct instead of a class, there is no errors.

Xcode 15.2, Swift 5.9.2

Any idea ?