Calling All Swift Devs: Help Maintain the AWS Lambda Runtime!

We are reaching out to the community to seek volunteers for maintaining and enhancing the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime for Swift open source project. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a significant project, collaborate with like-minded developers, and gain valuable experience in managing open source software.

Why We Need Your Help

The world of Swift concurrency is constantly evolving, and the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime needs to keep pace. Currently, we are facing a few challenges related to Swift concurrency and the main thread.

When Lambda function developers want to integrate third-party libraries, such as observability libraries, they need to manage the lifecycle of the function, which is difficult to implement right now.

A possible solution would be to support Swift Service Lifecycle but the runtime doesn't support Swift Concurrency on the main() function.

How You Can Contribute

We're looking for volunteers with a strong understanding of Swift concurrency and an interest in serverless development.

Existing contributors and key members from the SSWG will mentor you through your first contributions. We are looking for a long term collaboration, where new contributors could help maintain the project.

Join the Community!

If you're interested in this opportunity, we welcome your contributions! Here's how to get involved:

By working together, we can ensure the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime remains a powerful and user-friendly tool for building serverless applications in Swift.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Joannis & Seb



Will you label some issues as "Good first issue" or something like that?

That would help me determine whether I can actually help/contribute.

Hello @maartene , thank you for your interest!

I don't think that any of the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime work could be classified as a "Good first issue" in a way I associate issues with that label. Working on this runtime involves knowing or learning about AWS Lambda in more depth. And also requires diving into some other ecosystem components it's expected to integrate with.

We can definitely discuss some issues in detail if you're interested in that. At least from our perspective, as the SSWG, we think that better support for Structured Concurrency is most important. That would most likely involve breaking changes in the library. Assuming we do that; I also believe that the runtime could be made a lot simpler than it is currently.

I'd like to leave this more open for now though, as this is my/our analysis of the library's missing features. I think it's very important to get an outsider perspective as well.