Calendar and Contact exchange libraries in Swift

Hi there, I am looking for a CardDAV & CalDAV server and saw that Apple archived its official python implementation (ccs-calendarserver) with the following statement:

The developers of the Calendar and Contacts Server have each moved on to other projects over the past few years, and given the change in the Python language landscape, in addition to the care and feeding requried to maintain a secure set of dependecies, the time has come to officially archive the project.

I was looking around on for some libraries I could reuse but only found full blown servers written in Java, Python & PHP. There is also Cyrus-imapd (in plain C) and SOGo (in Obj-C, to be compiled with the GNU Objective-C compiler :exploding_head:)...

A GitHub search for iCalendar in Swift gives me 18 repositories with almost no stars.

My question is: Are there people interested to bundle the efforts to create a single working group for a calendar and a contacts library in Swift? Or does there already exist one? Because for me it seems like everyone is working on their own, instead of together...


A simple CardDAV server with good support for iOS-clients would be really cool — but honestly, I wouldn't use Swift for that kind of software :-(

Hi @Tino, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Why would you not use Swift and what other technologies would you use?

This is probably not the right place for an unbiased discussion — but as it brings your post back to the top of the list, I guess my answer still helps your cause ;-)

Whereas it is natural that you cannot discuss the shortcomings of Swift itself properly here, this thread itself illustrates one major problem:
Lack of interest.
Yes, some people might write servers with Swift, but without doubt, there is an extremely strong focus on iOS.

I don't know a truly superior alternative (Go does nearly everything right — but I really don't like the language itself :joy:), but I suggest to ask elsewhere:
Either a language-neutral forum, or in the community for server-side Swift (afair, there's a Slack-channel you could try).

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