Calculating a percentage

Im trying to calculate percentage for the questions I have right and my percentage is always 0 or 100. Help me get the right percentage.

var percentage = 0

@IBAction func getScore(_ sender: UIButton) {
questionsTotal = myAnswerArray.count
print ("This is how many questions I have (questionsTotal)")
for oneAns in myAnswerArray {
if oneAns.message == "Your correct :heart:" {
questionsRight = questionsRight + 1
print("This is how many questions I have right (questionsRight)")
percentage = questionsRight/questionsTotal * 100
percentageString = String(percentage)
self.percentageStringUsed = percentageString + "%"
performSegue(withIdentifier: "passRes", sender: self)

please help me.

You’re using integer division, you need floating-point division.

Or multiply by 100 first before dividing, if you want it rounded down.

Or, um, multiply by 200, add the denominator, then divide by twice the denominator.

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I need an integer answer how would I go about doing that?

figured it out thanks.