C++ interoperability workgroup is opening up to wider community

Over the past year the C++ interoperability workgroup worked on the prototype design and the implementation of bidirectional interoperability between Swift and C++. We have made a lot of progress since the workgroup's announcement. The community members have provided many important contributions to this project that helped advance the state of interoperability between the two languages.

This year we would like to open up the C++ interoperability workgroup to the wider swift.org community. More specifically, we are going to be opening up the workgroup meetings to all members of this community, so anyone who's interested in a specific design topic, or has general questions about interoperability can call into a meeting.

We will have two distinct kinds of meetings that happen over a video call:

  • Design/evolution sync-ups. Such meeting happen only when a community member provides a specific discussion agenda related to design and/or evolution of C++ interoperability, so they don't have a regular schedule. To add items to the agenda, please send a direct message to @cxx-interop-workgroup, or post a request on this forum section. The sync-up meetings typically occur on Mondays at 10 AM pacific time and last for an hour.

  • Weekly office hours. This is a 30 minute meeting that is open to everyone who has questions about implementation , design, or adoption of C++ interoperability. This is an informal meeting and there's no agenda so all related questions or discussion topics are welcome. We usually meet for the office hours every week (with some exceptions) on Fridays at 10AM pacific.

I will create a pinned post in this section which will feature a calendar that will be updated with the invitations for each new meeting. Each new meeting invitation will also be posted as a new message in that thread. Sync-up meeting notes will be posted on this forum section separately.