C++ interop limitations and future direction

Hello all!

I've been working on adopting C++ interop and seeing how far it can go. With most attempts I've had I've run into one of its known limitations, like rvalue / universal reference function arguments (F&&), virtual functions, non-specialized template classes, and recently some issues with forward declarations not resolving to complete types. Since these are known limitations, I was wondering if there's information on what features can be implemented in the future and which ones can't be? Or in other words, which features haven't been tackled yet and which ones won't be done for the foreseeable future? And relatedly, is there information on the roadmap for addressing these limitations? What I've found so far is just about seeing what's most valuable to the community through forum posts and GitHub issues, so if the most useful thing for me to do is to post concrete examples of my issues to drive the direction I'm happy to do that.

Thank you!