Bundle.blues [SOLVED]

Hello All,

I'm currently writing a Discord Bot using the Sword API by Azoy (don't worry that doesn't really show up here). Previously, I had an issue with my code and it was suggested that I delete my .xcodeproj file and regenerate it via SPM using swift package generate-xcodeproj. This method keeps all my other files intact and just makes a new .xcodeproj file.

Fortunately, my issue was fixed. Unfortunately, this process may have broken something else...

I have attached a snippet below of my now problematic code. It worked fine before the aforementioned process and I'm out to discover why it has ceased proper function.

Is anyone able to help me figure out why my code can't move past the guard let when config.json is in my build directory next to the executable?

My code will only fulfill the else statement in my guard let though the directories printed in the console and the directories in Finder are identical.

Through some (minor) debugging I arrived here:

import Sword
import Foundation

struct Config: Codable {
    let token: String
    let cmdPrefix_ES: String
    let cmdPrefix_JA: String

enum ConfigGetError: Error {
    case cannotMakeURL
func getBotConfig() throws -> Config {
    let contents = try? FileManager.default.contentsOfDirectory(atPath: Bundle.main.executablePath!)
    print( contents! )
    guard let configFileURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "config", withExtension: "json") else {
        print("Can't make URL.")

        throw ConfigGetError.cannotMakeURL
    let configFileData = try Data(contentsOf: configFileURL)
    return try JSONDecoder().decode(Config.self, from: configFileData)

print( contents! ) returns nil which shows up as an error in Xcode
So my question now becomes
why is contents returning nil?
Is there something more to Bundle?

Thank you

  • L33t

EDIT: We figured it out! Big surprise, I'm a dumb dumb
I put the new build directory inside of the old build directory when I should've just selected the old one

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