Building Swift REPL for iOS

Anyone know how to build Swift REPL, and furthermore target iOS? Or anything to point me in the right direction?


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the REPL we currently use on macOS and Linux relies on LLDB. I'm not sure if it uses LLVM JIT or AOT codepaths, in the former case you won't be able to get it through App Store review process as JIT is forbidden. Either way you'll have to spend a very significant amount of effort to make the required bits of the compiler to build and run, nevermind making LLDB work on iOS. You'd have to embed LLDB into your app somehow as forking other processes is not allowed either. I believe making it work on iOS in the current state is unrealistic. Swift Playgrounds is the closest we can get since it's not restricted in the same way as apps from non-Apple developers.

Ok thanks for this :)

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