Building llbuild framework for iOS

Hi, I'm new here so please bear with me if this is something well known.

I've tried building llbuild-framework for iOS and after fixing two small compilation errors (which were not a big deal), I've gotten the framework. The problem is, it's around 15MB in size.

I went back to the macOS version and it too is of similar size. However, when I look at llbuild.framework that comes with Xcode itself, it's only 800KB.

Why is there such a size discrepancy? I've checked and it doesn't contain bitcode or several architectures.

I was hoping to try using it in an iOS app but this size is too much. It's a great and reliable tool (judging by Xcode NBS). I hope this is my mistake somehow.

Update: I've realized that llbuildBuildSystem isn't going to work on iOS anyway (process spawning, correct me if I'm wrong) - so I removed it and now I'm down to 4.7MB. Still quite big. Any ideas?

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This seems surprisingly large, can you post the built artifact somewhere so I can take a look at it directly?

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Hey, it appears I forgot about the huge difference between debug and release builds. Rookie mistake, I know... :man_facepalming:t2:

The release build is around 370KB which seems to be close to what I expected (as it excludes the BuildSystem part).

This means I'll be trying to pod llbuild next time I have some spare time. :muscle:

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