Building a project with developemnt toolchain fails on M1

Didn't found the right place to ask. I'm trying to build a project with a development toolchain on M1 MacAir. Is this a knowing issue?

xcrun --toolchain "Swift Development Snapshot" --run swift build
/Users/username/Projects/Test: error: manifest parse error(s):
/Users/username/Projects/Test/Package.swift:4:8: error: module 'PackageDescription' was created for incompatible target x86_64-apple-macosx10.15: /var/folders/91/9_b_gpss1t98xcyy6xyg7kdr0000gn/C/clang/ModuleCache/PackageDescription-3KG9PCVIYEOUP.swiftmodule
import PackageDescription

@makadaw Which development toolchain are you using?

cc: @tomerd @abertelrud

DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2021-03-02 I have created a simple app and get the same error. With Xcode everything building fine

Created bug report -

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